Ownership transfer amount calculator
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Total ownership transfer fee amount - apartment costs
45000 Euro
• Registration of the deal in property registrar tax: 89 lv.
• Municipality tax: 2641 lv.
• Notary taxes including VAT: 805 lv.
• Licensed Translator /applicable only if buyer is present at the notary/ 80 lv.
• Issuing of title new deed: 300 lv.
• Identification of the parties present at the deal: 20 lv.
• Notarized copies of documents: 20 lv.
• Notary tax for entering the maintenance contract in the property registrar/if applicable/ 150 lv.
• Total: 4105 lv.
• Taxes for after sales registration of the property in municipality tax office, cadaster office and BULSTAD 300 lv.
• !!! Total: 4405 lv.
• !!! Total in EURO: 2252 EUR

The above caclulator provide a guidance of the amount of the taxes. They can very depending on the banks used for transaction, the specific notary that will be used to sign the deal off and etc.

The taxes for transfering of ownership of properties in Bulgaria are calculated on the selling price of the property. The exeption is possible when the tax estimated price is higher then the selling price. In this case the taxes are calculated on the tax estimated price.

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