Bourgas is the largest city in south-eastern part of Bulgaria and has been declared as “The most green city of Bulgaria” with the highest living standards and lifestyle, as voted by Bulgarians in 2012. The 4th largest city in Bulgaria has proven itself to be a major contributor to the local and national economy. The largest city on Bulagria’s southern Black sea coast, it is a crucial hub for all seaside resorts, including Sunny Beach, Nessebar, St. Vlas and Sozopol.

Bourgas has a population of 200,000 people and continues to grow in part due to international property demand but mostly due to its high level lifestyle encouraging migration from smaller inland towns and villages. The recently developed town centre offers a vastly improved city lifestyle. If you have not visited in recent years, then you will be pleasantly surprised for sure; a newly pedestrianised centre with professionally applied design and layout has helped ensure a safe and secure feeling for all its inhabitants and visitors. Properly incorporated into the fabric of the city, planners have successfully masked the old communist influence of the past and found a modern balance for the functional offices and enjoyable shops and restaurants. The public transport and local road networks have benefited enormously from EU investment and are amongst the most modern in Bulgaria.

Amongst its natural landmarks, the city offers many protected areas and preserved ancient settlements. Two of the most popular and interesting destinations in Bourgas are the Bourgas cathedral and the preserved forest-land “Poda”, both among the listed “100 best national historical sites in Bulgaria”.

Bourgas is divided in five parts – central, villa zone, a residential district, an area zoned for summer-/ tourist property and a fishing settlement. This variety offers a good range in types of property available market. Rich of possibilities, Bourgas offers modern conditions, which are both good, for summer holiday and permanent year round residency. It can be described as being modern city with all the options and choices that come with city life, but with a very distinct coastal holiday feel.

Bourgas has a very large international airport which can be flown to all year round, summertime charter flights make it easy to reach from the UK and Ireland. In 2013 the airport will receive 2.49 million visitors. Originally built for military purposes, its runway is sufficient to land the largest planes and as such it acts a major European transport hub.

The largest single foreign investment into Bulgaria of 1 billion euros was made locally into Bourgas’ oil refinery, which serves much of Europe’s energy demands. Bourgas also hosts 80% of Bulgaria’s Black Sea fishing fleet and part of the Bulgarian navy and its coastguard.

Future development plans are expected to extend the outer parts of the city down toward the seafront and south around the huge inland lake coming in from Bourgas Bay. As part of the ambitious “Super Bourgas” project, new railway station and highway infrastructure is on the cards. July 2013 saw Bourgas finally connected completely to Sofia with 4 lane motorway. With the majority being a 140 km/h speed limit, the transfer time from Sofia is now just 3hrs by car.

With ease of access and stable governance Bourgas is quickly changing, it is set to be Bulgaria’s most modern city 2020.

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House for sale near Bourgas House for sale near Bourgas
€ 79 995 (376€ / sq.m.)

Bedrooms: 4

Living area 213 sq.m. / Garden 838 sq.m.

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House for sale near Bourgas House for sale near Bourgas
€ 105 000 (875€ / sq.m.)

Bedrooms: 3

Living area 120 sq.m. / Garden 360 sq.m.

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House for sale near Bourgas House for sale near Bourgas
€ 105 000 (724€ / sq.m.)

Bedrooms: 4

Living area 145 sq.m. / Garden 915 sq.m.

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House for sale near Bourgas House for sale near Bourgas
€ 107 000 (805€ / sq.m.)

Bedrooms: 2

Living area 133 sq.m. / Garden 289 sq.m.

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House for sale in Bourgas
House for sale in Bourgas
€ 270 000 (1 227€ / sq.m.)

Bedrooms: 4

Living area 220 sq.m.

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