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If you are looking to find out how much your property is worth without any cost, please fill in your details in the box to the right and click 'submit'. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your value and your resale options. Alternatively, please contact us directly via the details below for an immdediate response.

Many properties are part of complexes well known to us, others are individual and unique. We will be happy to attend your property and carry out a full valuation without any charge or obligation for you.


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If you are looking for an official Bulgarian property valuation for legal purposes, for example in the case of inheritance or divorce, please click here for further details.


Valuation of Bulgarian Assets for Legal Purposes.

There are many reasons why owners of property will not just require guidance on what their property could sell for, but actually an official written detailed valuation. These are frequently required from owners by numerous bodies including HM Customs and Revenue, divorce courts, tax accountants, insurance companies etc. NewEstate is a registered evaluator of Bulgarian assets and can provide the necessary stamped and signed written report to best represent your property’s value. Naturally, the figures will still reflect our opinion, experience and current market conditions, but the format will be official and has proven to meet the requirements from the institutions who demand it.

The Service:

We will visit your property to carry out a detailed inspection, take photos and report back to you with not only the amount it could be sold for but also an explanation of this value, local market activity, recent sales values and comparable offers in the area. Unlike our regular valuations, this will not be an email discussing the best advertised price, this will be a hardcopy report available in PDF and posted to wherever you would like.


Valuations and resale in the event of Divorce:

Most commonly we are contacted by lawyers or individuals involved in divorce cases where a settlement is being reached and a value established for a jointly owned or claimed against property. Should you be in this situation then it is worth noting that your solicitor should acquire the full consent of the other party if the property does not have your name currently on the Bulgarian title deeds. Despite being awarded the property in UK courts, you will need to go to additional expense in Bulgaria to have sole selling rights according to Bulgarian law. There is a legal process that can be undertaken to achieve this without the involvement of the other party (ex-husband or ex-wife), however it costs some 600 Euros and is unnecessary if the other party will consent to signing documents and cooperating with the selling agent / solicitor when a buyer for the property is found.

For all questions and enquiries relating to this matter, please contact us directly.

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