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In this page we publish real comments and testimonials from our clients regarding our company, all of whom have been involved in the buying and selling of property in Bulgaria. Although we have been operating since early 2005, this page has been introduced in the summer of 2013.

We believe the experiences of our customers are truly the best references, particularly as most new clients find us via the internet, as such this page represents part of our efforts to reassure readers of our genuine professionalism.

We welcome any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share your views on us and our conduct. To read more about us, our company history and our structure, please click here.

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Alexander Bubnov, Kiev, Ukraine, Published on 2014-08-11
I want to write words of thanks to the staff of the best agency! They were not only high-class professionals, but just decent, sympathetic, sincere people. They dealt with the registration of my real estate perfectly. But even after I ceased to be their direct customer, they came to my aid. In one case, on arrival in Bulgaria, I hurt my hand and did not know who to ask. Called Lyudmila and she, in spite of the fact that I no longer was their direct client, spent with me almost the whole day, helping to deal with insurance, x-rays, to get to the surgeon. I was lucky that she was free from the time customers. But you must admit, she had every right to refuse - it's her private time. Just beautiful people, sympathetic to others. Agree find nowadays not only a wonderful professional, but just responsive, attentive to the other person - a rarity ... Thank you very much, Ludmila!
Jo Robinson, Northern Ireland, Published on 2014-08-07
The sale of my apartment in Sunny Beach has just recently completed and I cannot praise NewEstate highly enough. My apartment had previously been placed with other agents who never produced any offers or informed me if there was any interest in my apartment. From initially contacting Christophe I was confident that the agency was professional and trustworthy and he gave me all the information I needed to be able to make a decision on whether to proceed and market my apartment with NewEstate. Christophe provides an honest, realistic opinion (a difficult conversation given the investment initially made) on what price is achievable. It is then your decision if you wish to proceed. There is no pressure whatsoever and the fees and costs are explained upfront.

From the initial purchase of my apartment and the subsequent effort to dispose of it when it was evident that it wasn't going to be the investment we had hoped for, it was refreshing to deal with a company who were interested in providing the best service possible for their clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is thinking of selling their apartment. I only wish I had discovered NewEstate earlier than I did and it would have saved me a lot of anxiety and worry. Sincerely, Jo.
Elina Estilov, Bingalong, Australia, Published on 2014-08-07
A couple of months ago we sold via New Estate our apartment in Sunny Beach. Frankly, we do not believe that will sell because for 5 years our efforts to sell have not been successful and we have lost hope. Not because the property was bad, but because it was not with the right agency. However, just a month after the start of cooperation with New Estate they found a buyer. I note that all the negotiations for the sale were over the phone and email! At first we were very worried about the reliability of such a deal, but soon calmed down.
A huge and sincere thanks from all our family to Lyudmila Shabanin for her professionalism, compassion and understanding. In our view, such a specialist is worthy to be at least the head of the department or the director.

Thanks to funds from the sale we repair and increase the size of our home in Australia. We have a big family - me, my husband and three young daughters. Therefore, we need a big house :) Daughters delighted with their new room for the princesses, and my husband still does not believe how so quickly and without incident managed to sell Bulgarian apartment.
Vera and Mikhail , St Petersburg, Russia, Published on 2014-08-05
With your help, we purchased a great apartment in Saint Vlas. Many thanks to this wonderful agency for their professional work!

We especially want to note the following: during the first steps of selecting a property in Bulgaria we found this website to be the most comfortable, informative and truthful, as proven upon inspection of apartments. We were given a friendly welcome and shown all options, despite the fact that it was a bank holiday weekend in Bulgaria they were still working for us. Ralitsa and Lyudmila professionally conducted the entire transaction and gave the most transparent information on all expected costs. We are very grateful Ralitza and Georgi for his help and very warm attitude. We recommend you to our friends and sincerely wish prosperity to your agency! Sincerely, Mikhail and Vera.
Alexander, Minsk, Russia, Published on 2014-07-09
With the help of your agency I have acquired an apartment near Sunny Beach (where I am writing this review whilst enjoying my vacation). Besides the fact that the price / quality was the very best option, so much more of the deal in all its phases was carried out without any issue or concern.

Sincerely thank you to Ralitsa, Yuliana, Lyudmila and everyone else who participated in the realisation of my "Bulgarian project."

Good luck to you guys ...
Viktor, Moscow, Russia, Published on 2014-06-27
Hello! I would like to convey my appreciation to your company and its employees. The transaction was performed blindly without ever seeing the apartment! All the difficulties associated with the preparation of preliminary contracts and payment have been successfully overcome. Nothing disappointing, we are really very happy: a really professional agency with very professional staff.
Paul & Rachel Knight, United Kingdom, Published on 2014-06-17
We met Christophe and Tony at an exhibition back in 2007, both have been heavily involved in the purchase and subsequent resale of our property in Sofia. They have managed, advised and professionally dealt with every aspect of our property purchase and sale and have a great knowledge of the Bulgarian market. We had absolute trust in their guidance and decision making, we are extremely thankful for their effort and professionalism throughout the whole process.
Anastasia, St Petersburg, Russia, Published on 2014-06-16
Would like to express my gratitude to this wonderful agency for their work. Initially, it was very convenient to choose an apartment on the website, as all aspects and video are online with lots of photos and really truthful information. Ralitsa and Lyudmila wonderful through the whole process and gave detailed information with accurate estimates of future expenses. We are very grateful to them. If someone has a desire to ask me questions, I am more than happy allowed to provide my contact details to - call, write and reassure - to tell all. Many thanks Ralitza and Lyudmila!
Gerard Wade, County Meath, Ireland , Published on 2014-06-09
In all honesty this company has been most professional in handling my affairs and I trust them totally. I ran into to serious trouble with a tenant who was badly managed by another letting agency. My apartment was severely neglected and the damage consequently became extensive over time.

NewEstate was recommended to me and when contacted they took charge of the situation immediately; I received prompt assessments with full reports and pictures.

I am happy to say my apartment is now back as new; all the repairs have been completed managed totally by NewEstate at very reasonable prices. The work supervised by them was carried out by qualified tradesmen.

They quickly found a new careful tenant having selected from a number of interested parties the most suitable for the specific property.

I have total confidence in NewEstate, their costs are reasonable and they do not take advantage of absentee landlords.

Best Regards Gerard
Lena Zeinati, Tipton, England, Published on 2014-06-05
Thank you for your friendly, professional and overall speed in dealing with the sale of our property in Bulgaria. Our apartment had been up for sale for a long time before we decided to use New Estate where they sold it for us within a few months.

Thank you

Lena & Ian
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